Are You Ready For The Ultimate Party?

Check out a foam party video!(short clip)

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Just like the ones in Cancun, Daytona, and Padre during spring break, and YOU are invited! DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE!!

ALL forms from the spring semester are obselete, all participants must fill out a new form. We encourage you to get this done BEFORE foam night!


Q: What the heck is a foam party?

A: Look at the pictures, let your imagination run wild!


Q: What do I wear to a foam party?

A: Everyone must understand YOU WILL GET WET! Wear clothing you would expect to get wet in. Ladies usually wear shorts and t-shirts over bathing suits. You MUST have tennis shoes to be allowed on the dancefloor.


Q: Will the foam ruin my clothes?

A: The foam is no different than water.


Q: What other rules are there?

A: First and foremost, all participants MUST sign a waiver before you will be allowed in the club party night. A good idea would be to get this done BEFORE party night. The waivers may be signed any time during hours. If you are attending a subsequent party, all you need to do is re-date and sign your form before you enter. You my download and read the waiver here in word format, but you will still need to fill out the original at the club, or re-date your original form on file with us. Disclaimer

Secondly, there will be absolutely NO TOLERANCE for any running or roughhousing.

Absolutely no glass or drinks of any kind on the dancefloor during the event.

The dancefloor will have only one entrance/exit during the event to minimize foam travel.


Q: What time will the foaming start?

A: This will depend on when the bulk of the crowd is in. We open at 9pm, so we will leave it up to you. When it's time, we will ask everyone to exit, fill the dancefloor, then let you jump in!


Q: What if I get foam in my eyes?

A: You going to a foam party ding dong, you'll have the stuff all over! The foam is non-toxic, and the same as water.


Q: What if I break a rule?

A: Your party night will be over, period.


Once again we would like to stress the importance of getting your waiver signed and on file with us BEFORE the event. If you wait until you get to the club party night, you will be in a long slow moving line. One window will be for those with waivers already in (fast moving) and the other window for those not having this done yet. You MUST have your waiver on file with us or you may NOT participate.


Nuff said, LET'S PARTY!


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